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Department of Philosophy

Applied Philosophy Lyceum

The Story, in Brief…

Since 1992 the Philosophy Department has sponsored an annual lecture series devoted to issues in applied philosophy. Conceived with Aristotle’s Lyceum in mind, the Applied Philosophy Lyceum (APL) aims to stimulate private reflection and public reasoning on matters of human praxis, broadly conceived. Topics have ranged from issues in environmental ethics to theories of love and friendship. The list of speakers and topics, past and present, can be found below.

A reception typically follows each lecture.

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Spring 2024 Applied Philosophy Lyceum

Zahi Zalloua

Whitman College


Fanon, Zizek, and the Question of Palestine

 Friday, April 5, 2024 @ 5:00 pm – COE, Room 164 

Flyer for Zahi Zalloua’s talk


Stephen Ferguson

North Carolina State University


“Another World is Possible”: the Marxist Philosophy of Revolution”

 Friday, April 19, 2024 @ 5:00 pm – COE, Room 164 

Flyer for Stephen Ferguson’s talk

From the Past…

Fall 2023Eric Thomas Weber, University of KentuckyFreedom in Education: A Philosophical Critique of Current Conflicts in Educational Policy11/17/2023COE 164
Spring 2023John J. Stuhr, Emory UniversityFreedom, Democracy, and Its Institutions3/31/2023COE 164
Spring 2023Carol Gould, Hunter College & Graduate Center of City Universiy of New YorkFrom Fraternity to Solidarity: 
Towards a Feminist Reconstruction
4/21/2023COE 1664
Fall 2022Tadd Ruetenik, St. Ambrose UniversitySports: The Flywheel of the Military Industrial Complex9/16/2022COE 164
Spring 2022Richard Eldridge, Swarthmore CollegeImagining Life Together: Psychosexual Intimacy, Social Roles, and Contemporary Comedies of Remarriage4/27/2022COE 164
Fall 2019Robert Talisse, Vanderbilt UniversityOverdoing Democracy: The Problem of Political Polarization10/04/2019COE 160
Spring 2019David Schweickart, Loyola University ChicagoAgainst Democracy??: Libertarianism, Climate Change Denial, Democracy (In Chains)04/12/2019COE 164
Spring 2019Erin C. Tarver, Oxford College of Emory UniversityBigger than Football: Fan Anxiety and Memory in the Racial Present.02/15/2019COE 164
Fall 2018Alfred Frankowski, Southern Illinois UniversitySpectacle Terror Lynching, Public Sovereignty, and the Architecture of Lived Racial Violence09/21/2018COE 164
 Spring 2018Espen Hammer, Temple UniversityThinking of Being versus Dialectical Negativism: Adorno’s Critique of Heidegger04/06/2018COE 164
Fall 2017Michael Monahan, University of MemphisDecolonizing Reason: Sylvia Wynter and ‘The Human Project’11/10/2017COE 164
Spring 2017Ronald Aronson, Wayne State UniversitySocial Hope in the Time of Trump04/21/2017COE 164
Spring 2016Mary Beth Mader, University of MemphisBeing Genealogical: Contemporary Philosophical Reflections on Kinship04/22/16COE 164
Spring 2016Michael Sullivan, Emory UniversityPhilosophy, Pragmatism, and the Supreme Court04/01/16COE 164
Spring 2015James Bielo, Miami UniversityImmersive Christianity: On Religion, Entertainment, and Globalization03/27/15COE 164
Fall 2015Lisa Guenther, Vanderbilt UniversityFrom Solitary Confinement to Solidarity: Phenomenology as a Practice of Liberation09/18/2015COE 164
Spring 2015Bonnie Mann, University of OregonGendered Play and Gendered Torture: Lessons from the War on Terror02/27/15COE 164
Spring 2014 David Wood, Vanderbilt UniversityDisconcerting Experience04/11/14BAS S128
Cinzia Arruzza, New School for Social ResearchGender as Social Temporality: Butler and Marx03/28/14COE 164
Fall 2013Carlin Romano, Ursinus CollegeAmerica the Philosophical11/08/13COE 164
Spring 2013 Richard Shusterman, Florida Atlantic UniversityPragmatism, Somaesthetics, and Contemporary Art02/01/13JUB 304
Kelly A. Parker, Grand Valley State UniversityWhat Ought We to Sustain? A Pragmatic Framework for the Question03/22/13JUB 304
Spring 2012
Bill Martin, DePaul UniversityWhat Can Nothing Do for Politics? Mao, Mu Badiou, Buddhism04/06/12JUB 304
John Lysaker, Emory UniversityComing to Terms with Selfhood04/20/12JUB 304
Spring 2011 Bart Ehrman, University of North Carolina at Chapel HillMisquoting Jesus: Scribes Who Changed the Bible and Readers Who May Never Know02/18/11BAS, State Farm Rm
Paul C. Taylor, Pennsylvania State UniversityWhat’s a Black Artist? Philosophy, Identity, and Black Aesthetics04/08/11JUB 304
Spring 2010Hilde Hein, Brandeis UniversityThe Responsibility of Representation02/19/10JUB 304
Scott Pratt, University of OregonCreation and Liberation: The Ontology of American Indian Origins04/16/10JUB 304
Spring 2009
John Lachs, Vanderbilt UniversityEducation in a Time of Crisis04/08/09 JUB Hazelwood Dining Room
Lisa Heldke, Gustavus Adolphus CollegeFood Security: Three Conceptions of Access — Charity, Rights, and Coresponsibility04/17/09JUB 304
Spring 2008 John J. Stuhr, Vanderbilt UniversityAgainst Forgiveness03/28/08JUB 304
George Yancy, Dusquesne UniversityWhite Looks/Black Bodies04/11/08JUB 304
Spring 2007 Charles Mills, University of Illinois, ChicagoThe Racial/Sexual Contract03/30/07JUB 304
Robert E. Innis, University of Massachusetts, LowellAn Aesthetic Encounter: Thinking about Art with Susanne Langer04/20/07JUB 304
Spring 2006 Noelle McAfee, American UniversityTwo Feminisms04/07/05 JUB 304
Karen Hanson, Indiana UniversityDressing Down Dressing Up: The Philosophic Fear of Fashion04/14/06JUB 304
Spring 2005
Jessica Wahman, Dickinson CollegeFleshing Out Consensus: Radical Pragmatism, Civil Rights, and the Algebra Project04/01/05JUB 304
Carolyn Korsmeyer, SUNY BuffaloAgainst Pleasure: The Case of Art and Food04/15/05JUB 304
Spring 2004 Jana Craig, Southern Illinois University School of MedicineTraditional Values and Contemporary Medicine04/16/04JUB 304
Thomas May, Medical College of WisconsinThe War on Bioterrorism04/30/04JUB 304
Spring 2003  Raja Halwani, Chicago Art InstituteThe Just Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict03/21/03JUB 304
Helen Longino, University of MinnesotaFeminism, Science, and the Politics of Knowledge04/04/03JUB 304
Arthur C. Danto, Columbia UniversityThe Body in Philosophy and Art04/25/03JUB 304
Spring 2002  Erin McKenna, Pacific Lutheran UniversityPragmatism and Animal Liberation02/22/02JUB 304
Cynthia Gayman, Southern Illinois UniversityImpossible Freedom03/15/02JUB 304
 Vincent Colapietro, Penn State UniversityAllowing Our Practices to Speak for Themseoves: Peirce and Wittgenstein04/27/02JUB 304
Spring 2001
John Lachs, Vanderbilt UniversityImmortality and Other Unintelligible Hopes03/02/01State Farm Lecture Hall, BAS
Christine Overall, Queen’s University, Kingston, CanadaAging & the Right to Life04/06/01JUB 304
Donald Scherer, Bowling Green State UniversityHow can we save the environment?04/27/01JUB 304
Spring 2000  Lewis Gordon: Brown UniversityThe Human Genome Project02/18/00JUB 304
Marvin Belzer: Bowling Green State UniversityEarth To Parfit: Forget About Fission04/07/00JUB 304
Alan Soble: University of New OrleansWhat Did Monica and Bill Do?04/28/00JUB 304
Spring 1999
Bryan Norton, Georgia Institue of TechnologyToward a Universal Valuation of Nature: Beyond the Anthropocentrism/Non-Antropocentrism Debate04/23/99JUB 304
John J. McDermott, Texas A&MThe Erosion of Moral Sensibility03/26/99JUB 304
James Marsh, Fordham UniversityGhosts and Spirits: Marx, Derrida, and the New World Order04/9/99JUB 304
Spring 1998
Charles Mills, University of Chicago, IllinoisThe Racial Contract03/06/98JUB 304
Joel Kovel, Bard CollegeEcology and Capitalism: A Marriage Made in Hell02/20/98JUB 304
Ted Cohen, University of ChicagoMetaphors of Personal Identification04/17/98JUB 304
Spring 1997
David Schweickart: Loyola University of Chicago Why Capitalism Doesn’t Work03/07/97JUB 304
Robert Bernasconi: University of MemphisIs Race Real?03/25/97JUB 304
Lynn Hankinson Nelson: Rowan CollegeFeminism and Sociobiology04/11/97JUB 304
Spring 1996  Bill Martin: Depaul UniversityTruth and Flourishing: Elements of a Communitarian Theory of Knowledge03/29/96JUB 304
David Gerrold: Nebula Award Winning Science Fiction WriterThe Martian Child and the Involuntary Human 03/20/96TBA
Milton Fisk: Indiana UniversityHealth Care as a Public Good04/04/96JUB 304
Spring 1995  Alisa Carse: Georgetown UniversityPornography, Subordination, and Liberty03/16/95Nursing 121
John J. McDermott: Texas A&M UniversityPhilosophy as Therapeia: A Secular Teshuvah04/13/95Nursing 121
Lewis R. Gordon: Purdue UniversityBad Faith, Anonymity, and AntiBlack Racism04/19/95Nursing 121
Spring 1994  Frithjof Bergmann: University of MichiganNew Work03/24/94Peck Hall 227
Tom Alexander: Southern Illinois UniversityIncarnations of Love04/06/94Peck Hall 227
Kelly Oliver: University of TexasSave the Mother04/21/94Peck Hall 227
Spring 1993
Marilyn Friedman: Washington UniversityCodes, Canons and “Correctness”03/03/93JUB 304
Rosemarie Tong: Davidson CollegeFeminine and Feminist Ethics03/29/93Peck Hall 109
Ron Cooper: Florida Endowment for the HumanitiesWaiter, There’s A Person in My Soup: Personhood, Animal Rights and Speciesism03/15/93 JUB 304
Spring 1992
Michael Emerson: Hiram CollegeThinking Nature in a World of Wounds03/05/92JUB 304
Rex Martin: University of KansasDemocracy and Rights03/12/92JUB 304
Mark Schersten: Siena Heights CollegeWho Should Live? Patient Characteristics in the Allocation of Health Care Resources04/09/92JUB 304

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